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The John Francis Cuddy Private Investigator Novels
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Complete list of novels:
A Stain Upon the Robe (2003) (as "Terry Devane")
Juror Number Eleven (2002) (as "Terry Devane")
Uncommon Justice (2001) (as "Terry Devane")
Turnabout (2001)
Spiral (1999)
The Stalking of Sheilah Quinn (1998)
The Only Good Lawyer (1998)
Invasion of Privacy (1996)
Rescue (1995)
Act of God (1994)
Foursome (1993)
Shallow Graves (1992)
Right to Die (1991)
Yesterday's News (1989)
Swan Dive (1988)
So Like Sleep (1987)
The Staked Goat (1986)
Blunt Darts (1984)
Short Story Collections:
Cuddy Plus One (2003)
Off-Season and Other Stories (2003)
The Concise Cuddy (1998)
also appearing in these collections:
Irreconcilable Differences
Blonde & Blue, Classic Private Eyes
Mom, Apple Pie, and Murder
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